• One Wrap Does It All!

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One Wrap Does It All!

Introducing One Wrap!


One Wrap does it all!
No need for multiple different products of varying sizes that may not fit.
With One Wrap's LARGE customisable size, you'll be sure it fits your needs!
The water and air tight seal keeps food fresher for longer and prevents spills!
One Wrap is suitable for use in the fridge, freezer, oven, microwave.
It's also durable and endlessly reusable. Plus easy to handle.

Use One Wrap for wrapping sandwiches & foods, covering plates & bowls, for baking as a pan liner or cover, heating in the microwave or oven, refrigerating & freezing!

You will save Money $$$ and the environment with One Wrap.
Your perfect eco friendly kitchen companion!

One Wrap Features & Uses

I Love This Wrap!

I've finally found something I actually use regularly as a cling wrap replacement. I use it mainly for sandwiches, and it never opens up spilling the fillings like other products I've tried. I also use 2 wraps stuck together on my baking trays. It's always so easy to clean and works well each time. I can't fault it.

Mary ~ Victoria

Really Versatile

I've tried so many reusable wraps, but One Wrap is by far the best. It's sticky yet easy to handle, seals over bowls perfectly, easy to wash (unlike beeswax wraps), doesn't lose it's stick even after many uses. Good for cooking in the oven and heating. It makes me feel good that I now have a product I can use over and over and help the environment. Very happy with it!

Kristy ~ Sydney

Together we can make a difference!

The Naturool Co. are a proudly Australian and ethical company. We endeavour to change the way we contribute to our world by reducing plastic waste and encouraging sustainability. The Naturool Co. was founded by a husband and wife team after witnessing the effects of plastic pollution on mother nature and realising just how much plastic waste is produced in kitchens and homes. We are a passionate team, creating eco friendly and innovative solutions to reduce waste, protect and sustain our planet & inspire change. Please read more about The Naturool Co in the about us section.

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Contact Us

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