About Us

The Naturool Co is a proudly Australian company, with a commitment to creating natural and non-toxic products to help the environment and protect the health of our children, plant & animal life.

The Naturool Co was founded by husband and wife team Andrew & Lisa after trying to find environmentally and user friendly alternatives to cling wrap. 

'We first started our eco friendly journey after a holiday to Fitzroy Island many years ago. We had already been reducing plastic storage containers and drink bottles due to their negative health effects, and switched to non toxic eco friendly cleaning products. But wasn't until we saw first hand the devastating effect that plastic pollution was having on our wildlife at the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre that we decided we needed to make more significant changes to our lifestyle. Single use plastic items floating in the ocean, especially plastic bags and cling wrap, leads to the demise of countless ocean creatures. 

We tried to reduce single use plastic items as much as possible. But with 2 kids realised we were still using way too much cling wrap! We just couldn't find an alternative that was long lasting, user-friendly, easy to clean, and that would fit all of our crockery and platters. So the idea of reusable cling wrap in a roll, that is the same width as cling wrap, that could be cut and customised to our needs was born. It took years of hard work, research and testing to get One Wrap to what it is today! And we are so proud of it. We hope you love it too!'

The Naturool Co is genuinely committed to creating eco friendly & innovative solutions to reduce waste, to protect & sustain our planet, & inspire change. We have a passion for our natural environment, and want to protect it for our children and future generations to come.

Together we can make a difference!