How To Use One Wrap

There are so many useful ways that you can use ONE WRAP!
Please carefully read the instructions and cautions below before using. And for so many more useful tips make sure you follow our social media and sign up for our newsletter.


You can cut the one wrap roll into just about any shape or size that fits your purpose. However, to minimise offcuts and waste, we recommend that you use our suggested cut templates below. If you have any offcuts don't put them in your recycling bin. See recycling section below.



After you have cut the One Wrap to your desired size, peel the clear backing off from a corner. Peel back slowly. Recycle PET backing.



Before first use wash One Wrap in warm soapy water and rinse well with warm water. HAND WASH is best to preserve function & longevity. DO NOT use boiling water. Use dishwashing detergent to wash One Wrap. You should then use this washing method after each use to keep it clean & performing at its best. Not suitable for the clothes washing machine.


Wash. can be used in dishwasher gentle wash cycle and gentle detergent


One Wrap can be used in the dishwasher. Top shelf, gentle cycle and mild detergent is recommended. For longevity and to retain the stick of One Wrap please hand wash. If using as a baking sheet only, dishwasher is suitable for cleaning.



To dry simply lie One Wrap on a tea towel, lay another tea towel over the top and press down. One Wrap will be dry and ready to reuse in seconds. You could also dry by placing One Wrap onto a drying rack.



The easiest way to store One Wrap is to fold it into your desired size and place into a drawer, on a shelf or wherever you would like to store it. Its that easy! Even better, store it where your cling wrap and baking paper used to be. You wont need them anymore!



All of the materials in the One Wrap box can be recycled! Please place the box and cardboard inner tube into your recycling bin. Any offcuts of the silicone One Wrap and the clear PET backing can be returned to us for recycling, but can't be placed in your recycling bin. It can also be placed in your own Terracycle kitchen box. Contact us for recycling returns. Our mailer bags are home compostable. Just remove the shipping label before composting.




The working temperature for One Wrap is -40 to 230 degrees Celsius. So you can freeze and cook with it to within these temperature limits. We don't recommend using boiling water or the dishwasher to wash One Wrap to ensure it retains its function.



Not suitable for grill, BBQ and open flame. Keep out of reach of children, may pose a suffocation risk. Do not use below -40 degrees Celsius and above 230 degrees Celsius. Use and clean only as instructed on this page and the One Wrap box. Keep away from sharp objects. One Wrap is stain resistant, but may stain. When heating in the microwave ensure a portion is left open/unsealed to let the hot air and steam escape & prevent burns.



One you have cut one Wrap to the perfect size, please use your pieces for one purpose only. E.g. If you are using One Wrap as a baking sheet, continue to use it as a baking sheet only, as it will not then behave as cling wrap. If you are using One Wrap as cling wrap or food cover, please use it for this purpose only.


3 Multipurpose Wraps

To save waste you can cut the roll into thirds to fit almost any purpose! Great for sandwiches, food wraps, plate covers, bowl covers. Or connect 2 wraps for a customisable baking sheet. Just cut 33.3cm squares. Easy! Note the width of the wrap roll is 33cm. Wrap size will be 33.3x33cm each.


Wrap & Baking sheet/Cover

Cut the roll into 1 square multipurpose wrap and 1 large baking sheet. Sizes: 33x33cm wrap and 67x33cm baking sheet. Note the width of the wrap roll is 33cm.


2 Wraps & Baking Sheet/Cover

Cut the roll into 2 wraps and 1 medium baking sheet. The wraps are still multipurpose and good for sandwiches and food covers, just slightly smaller. Size is 30x33cm wraps and 40x33cm baking sheet. Note the width of the wrap roll is 33cm.


2 Baking Sheets/Covers

You can cut the roll in half at 50cm to give you 2 large baking sheets or food covers. Perfect for covering baking pans, platters and large bowls. Their size will be 50x33cm. Note the width of the wrap roll is 33cm.